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Dolby Digital Compatible

The DVP-S500D costs a little more than the DVP-S300, but it does a LOT more! For starters, it includes component video output, which can provide the best possible picture quality if your TV or projector has the compatible 3-jack component video input. It also adds a built-in Dolby Digital decoder -- just connect its 5.1-channel output to any Dolby Digital "ready" receiver. DVPS-500D
Picture Performance
  CD Text Feature and DVD TX Display with compatible discs
  10-Bit D/A Conversion
  Multiple Aspect Ratio Capability
  Pixels Per Horizontal Line: 500
  Exclusive Sony MPEG-2 Decoder LSI
  Smooth ScanTM Picture Search with 32-bit RISC Processor
  Current Pulse D/A Converter
  Component Video, S-Video and Composite Outputs
Sound Performance
Compatible with Music CDs
Dolby Digital 6-Channel Output
Sony's exclusive digital cinema sound processing
Dolby Digital Decoding {Built-in}
Virtual Surround Sound
17 " x 3-1/*4" x 12-5/8 " (430 x 82.5 x 320 mm)

Sony DVD Player with CD/DVD , Built-in Dolby Digital decoder with full adjustments & Component video output


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